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Brian Harvey



  • Higher Ed: Engineering, Teacher: Science 


I have taught (including volunteering) computer science at every level, grade 1 to grad school. I am co-developer of the Snap! visual programming language, which extends the design of Scratch with first class procedures and lists, and co-developer of the Beauty and Joy of Computing curriculum that uses it. My interest in this work dates back to 1970 with Logo; I am the author of the three-volume _Computer Science Logo Style_ series, and co-author of _Simply Scheme: Introducing Computer Science_. 


computer science education, functional programming, social implications of computers. 


Bringing No Ceiling to Scratch: Can One Language Serve Kids and Computer Scientists?, Brian Harvey and Jens Mnig, Proceedings of Constructionism 2010 conference, Paris.

"The Beauty and Joy of Computing: Computer Science for Everyone," Brian Harvey, Proceedings of Constructionism 2012 conference, Athens.

"Whatever Happened to the Revolution, Part 2: In Which I Get Seduced by the Lure of a National Curriculum," Brian Harvey, Proceedings of Constructionism 2014 conference, Vienna. 

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01/27/16The Beauty and Joy of Computing